Quality & Innovation

Roma Gianchandani, MBBS
Roma Gianchandani, MBBS, Associate Chair, Quality & innovation

The Department of Internal Medicine Quality & Innovation Program was commissioned by the chair of the department to help coordinate, lead, and support work to move Michigan Medicine and the Department of Internal Medicine to the leading edge of quality improvement and care delivery system redesign.


The University of Michigan’s Department of Internal Medicine will be a leader in quality improvement and delivery system redesign locally, regionally, and nationally.


The Department of Internal Medicine Quality & Innovation Program will provide support and expertise, build infrastructure, and remove barriers to provider-driven quality improvement in pursuit of high value, appropriate, patient-centered care.

Guiding Principles

  • We will facilitate patient-centered, provider-driven improvement based on reliable data
  • We will pursue the Triple Aim of improving quality and population health while decreasing costs
  • We are one system working to serve our patients
  • We will be a proactive model for other departments and health systems

Key Drivers to Achieve the Vision