Callout Circles

The Callout Circles content widget lets you create featured metrics and facts to place in the full-width region or body-width region of a Custom General Page or in the full-width region of a Department homepage.

Callout Circles include the following components:

  • An optional heading to serve as a label, such as "By the Numbers."
  • A featured number or brief fact. This field is limited to 7 characters.
  • A caption / supporting text for the featured number or fact.
  • An optional background image, to pair with:
  • A choice of 7 background colors from the U-M color palette. 

Callout Circles are available for use in the full-width content region of:

  • Department Landing Page (homepage)
  • Section Landing Page
  • General Custom Page
Screenshot of Callout Circles content widget
Screenshot of Callout Circles in action