The PROMISE consortium was formed with the recognition of the significant clinical and research needs of linking clinical and genomic data to outcomes in order to better inform treatment decisions and outcomes for patients with advanced prostate cancer. Data collected in this consortium will address significant knowledge gaps that come about as the underlying biology of prostate cancer becomes better understood and multiple novel agents and classes of drugs emerge as treatment options.


  • Administrative Headquarters - maintains RedCap database and manages the development of the consortium
  • Bio-Informatics Committee - standardizes genomic data and provides quality control
  • Biostatistics Committee - independently performs statistical analyses
  • Diversity/Inclusion Committee - addresses important clinical questions pertaining to racial disparities
  • Executive Committee - reviews and selects proposals of relevant questions for the consortium to address
  • Patient Advocacy Committee - provides patient perspectives to improve patients’ quality of care


Project workflow from data collection to release of data in abstract/manuscript form.

Data Analysis Workflow