Postdoctoral Cardiovascular Research Training Grant

The purpose of the NIH-sponsored T32 Postdoctoral Cardiovascular Research Training Grant is to provide an intensive research training experience in basic or translational cardiovascular research. The program is designed for postdoctoral MD's or PhD's in preparation for independent investigative careers related to cardiovascular disease. Cardiovascular fellowship applicants will find this an especially valuable opportunity to focus on an area of research interest under the guidance of established mentors in the field. A diverse array of training opportunities are available ranging from basic mechanisms of vascular disease to applied translational research.

The University of Michigan Cardiovascular Center, Department of Internal Medicine, comprises the central foundation of this grant, although multiple links to other Divisions and Departments within the University of Michigan Medical School have been established to facilitate collaborations and novel pursuits in this rapidly expanding field. In addition to a multitude of basic research opportunities available through this grant, a translational scientific program has been developed to meet the needs of trainees interested in clinical investigation. This translational research program also provides an opportunity to complete a Masters of Science program in research design and statistical analysis within the University of Michigan School of Public Health. 

A core curriculum of didactic seminars designed specifically for trainees, interdisciplinary symposia and journal clubs have been established. Funding through this grant is typically available for 2-3 years.

Apply for the Postdoctoral Cardiovascular Research Training Grant.

Director: David Pinsky, MD

Questions: Contact [email protected]

The University of Michigan is an equal opportunity employer seeking under-represented minorities to train in our research environment.


Name/Degree(s)/Primary & Secondary Appointment(s)/Research Interest

  • Aaronson, Keith D MD, MS/Internal Medicine-Cardiology/Clinical and translational studies in advanced heart failure
  • Anumonwo, Justus PhD/Internal Medicine - Cardiology/Cardiac electrophysiology
  • Beard, Daniel, PhD/Molecular & Integrative Physiology/Cardiac mechanics & metabolism in hypertensive heart disease
  • Burant, Charles MD, PhD, MS/Internal Medicine-Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes (Molecular & Integrative Physiology, Environmental Health Studies, SPH)/Interaction between genetics and environmental factors
  • Chen, Yuqing MD, PhD/Internal Medicine-Cardiology/Mechanism of Diabetes/Obesity-induced Cardiovascular Disease
  • Eitzman, Daniel T MD/Internal Medicine-Cardiology/Mechanism of Diabetes/Obesity-induced Cardiovascular Disease
  • Espinoza-Fonseca, L. Michel PhD/Internal Medicine - Cardiology/Molecular basis of cardiac dysfunction
  • Gallagher, Katherine MD/Vascular Surgery/Mechanism of Diabetes/Obesity-induced Cardiovascular Disease
  • Ganesh, Santhi K MD/Internal Medicine-Cardiology/Genetics of vascular diseases and arterial remodeling
  • Ginsburg, David MD/Life Sciences Institute (Internal Medicine - Molecular Medicine & Genetics/The molecular genetic basis of inherited bleeding and clotting disorders
  • Goldstein, Daniel MD/Internal Medicine-Cardiology/Aging and vascular inflammation
  • Hayek, Salim MD/Internal Medicine-Cardiology/Cardiac Biomarkers, Risk Prediction and Cardio-Oncology
  • Hayward, Rodney A MD/Internal Medicine-General Medicine (Health Management and Policy)/Decision science & care in CVD treatment & prevention
  • Helms, Adam MD/Internal Medicine-Cardiology/Mechanisms of genetic cardiomyopathies
  • Henke, Peter K MD/Department Of Surgery-Vascular Surgery (Vascular Surgery/VA Medical Ctr)/Vein wall thrombus resolution and inflammation
  • Hofmann-Bowman, Marion MD/Internal Medicine - Cardiology/Inflammatory mechanisms of vascular and valvular calcification
  • Holinstat, Michael PhD/Pharmacology/Platelet regulation of hemostatis and thrombosis
  • Holz, Ronald W MD, PhD/Pharmacology, Neuroscience Program, Cell and Molecular Biology Program/Mechanism of fusion of secretory granules w/plasma membrane
  • Hummel, Scott MD, MS/Cardiovascular Medicine/Dietary interventions for treatment of heart failure
  • Isom, Lori L PhD/Pharmacology (Molecular & Integrative Physiology, Medical School)/Sodium channels in arrhythmias & neurological disorders
  • Lawrence, Daniel Allen PhD/Internal Medicine-Cardiology/Molecular mechanisms of cardiovascular disease
  • Likosky, Donald PhD/Cardiac Surgery/Cardiac surgery outcomes assessment & improvement
  • Lombard, David MD, PhD/Pathology/Sirtuins in cancer and cardiac aging and disease
  • Lopatin, Anatoli N PhD, MS/Molecular & Integrative Physiology/Cellular mechanisms of remodeling of cardiac t-tubules
  • Lumeng, Carey Nien-Kai MD, PhD/Pediatrics - Pulmonary Medicine (Molecular & Integrative Physiology )/Adipose leukocytes/inflammation in diabetes & cardiovascular disease
  • McLaughlin, Vallerie MD/Internal Medicine - Cardiology/Pulmonary vascular disease and right ventricular function
  • Michele, Daniel PhD/Molecular & Integrative Physiology/Molecular and cellular basis of dystrophic cardiomyopathy
  • Morrissey, James/Biological Chemistry/Biochemical mechanisms in the blood clotting cascade
  • Mortensen, Richard M MD, PhD/Molecular & Integrative Physiology (Internal Medicine-Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes )/Immune cell metabolic intermediates - cardiovascular disease
  • Murthy, Venkatesh MD/Radiology and Cardiovascular Medicine/Cardiometabolic risk imaging/metabolomics/machine learning
  • Myers, Martin MD, PhD/Internal Medicine-Metabolism, Endocrinology & Diabetes (Molecular & Integrative Physiology)/Mechanisms by which the CNS controls metabolic parameters
  • Nallamothu, Brahmajee K MD/Internal Medicine-Cardiology/Optimizing delivery of cardiovascular services & procedures
  • Pinsky, David MD/Internal Medicine-Cardiology (Molecular & Integrative Physiology)/Mechanisms of ischemic vascular injury and protection
  • Sanderson, Thomas H PhD/Emergency Medicine (Molecular & Integrative Physiology)
  • Schwendeman, Anna PhD/Pharmaceutical Sciences/Design synthetic high density lipoproteins & drug delivery
  • Shayman, James Alan MD/Internal Medicine-Nephrology (Pharmacology)/Translational research on lysosomal storage disorders
  • Smrcka, Alan PhD/Department of Pharmacology/Molecular Mechanisms of Cardiac Physiology and Disease
  • Tall, Gregory PhD/Department of Pharmacology
  • Villacorta Perez, Luis PhD/Internal Medicine - Cardiology/Lipid-based therapies against Cardiovascular Disease
  • Wakefield, Thomas W MD/Department of Surgery-Vascular Surgery (Vascular Surgery Section)/The role of inflammation on venous thrombosis
  • Wang, Michael M MD, PhD/Neurology (Molecular & Integrative Physiology)/Molecular and cellular biology of cerebrovascular diseases
  • Weiss, Stephen J MD/Internal Medicine-Molecular Medicine & Genetics (Life Sciences Institute)/Matrix metalloproteinases in regulating extracellular matrix
  • Willer, Cristen J PhD/Internal Medicine-Cardiology/Genetic basis of cardiovascular and metabolic diseases