Our faculty members’ research interests are diverse, including areas such as healthcare quality and safety, ethics, delivery of healthcare, medical education, healthcare outcomes, cost of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, care of the disadvantaged and other vulnerable populations, history of medicine, and special issues in the care of patients with multiple diseases. They have published numerous papers on their research in a broad spectrum of publications.

Research Highlights

Michigan's Medicaid Expansion Leads to Lower Uninsured Rates, Improved Health, and Cost Savings

The Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation's work that evaluated the Healthy Michigan Plan's impact on the health of Michiganders and the state's health care system was highlighted in Second Wave-Michigan and featured Susan Goold, MD, MHSA, MA and Renu Tipirneni, MD, MSc.

When Blood Pressure Needs More Control, What’s Better: An additional Drug or More of the Same?

Study in veterans shows the importance of personalizing the approach to intensifying treatment in sustainable ways.

Presentations & Posters

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