Our faculty members’ research interests are diverse, including areas such as healthcare quality and safety, ethics, delivery of healthcare, medical education, healthcare outcomes, cost of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, care of the disadvantaged and other vulnerable populations, history of medicine, and special issues in the care of patients with multiple diseases. They have published numerous papers on their research in a broad spectrum of publications.

Research Highlights

Medicaid Health Plan Community Health Workers Have Positive Impact on Care

Michele Heisler, MD, MPA and team show that emergency care and costs went down, while outpatient care went up, among low-income Detroit residents who connected with a community health worker.

ZIP Codes Matter When It Comes to Severe COVID-19

Renuka Tipirneni, MD, MSc; Monita Karmakar, PhD, MS; and Hallie Prescott, MD, MSc find that people who lived in the most underprivileged ZIP codes were more likely to have severe symptoms; however, they were no more likely to die than those from more privileged areas, and no less likely to go back to their own homes instead of a nursing home. 

Pandemic Disrupted Many Older Adults’ Health Care Plans

Jeffrey Kullgren, MD, MPH, MS finds nearly one in three people over 50 with a scheduled procedure, or primary care or dental visit in 2021, had a COVID-related delay.

Presentations & Posters

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