Our faculty members’ research interests are diverse, including areas such as healthcare quality and safety, ethics, delivery of healthcare, medical education, healthcare outcomes, cost of healthcare and pharmaceuticals, care of the disadvantaged and other vulnerable populations, history of medicine, and special issues in the care of patients with multiple diseases. They have published numerous papers on their research in a broad spectrum of publications.

Research Highlights

For Cancer Care, Patients’ Relationship with Their Primary Care Providers Prove Crucial

Lauren Wallner, PhD, MPH and team explore how to improve the delivery of team-based survivorship care after primary breast cancer treatment through a multi-level intervention.

New Prenatal Care Guidelines Emerge from COVID

For the first time in almost a century, experts including Steven Bernstein, MD, MPH, release new pregnancy care recommendations that focus on tailoring care to individual patients.

Improving Access to Primary and Pain Care for Patients Taking Opioids for Chronic Pain in Michigan

Pooja Lagisetty, MD, MSc and team examine barriers to primary and specialty pain care for patients taking opioids for chronic pain and outline a series of policy considerations to improve access. 

Comparison of Social Vulnerability Index and Area Deprivation Index Assessing COVID-19 Outcomes

Renuka Tipirneni, MD, MSc analyzes data from two different Michigan indexes to see how a geographic location's underlying characteristics align with incidence and mortality.

Harnessing Healthy Behaviors to Prevent Dementia

A national panel of experts, including Deborah Levine, MD, MPH, published a guide for primary care providers on the assessment and modification of risk factors to help maintain brain health in patients and prevent cognitive impairment.

Presentations & Posters

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