Callout List

The Callout List content widget allows you to list short text blurbs paired with square images to create a list of highlighted content on department websites that use the alternate homepage layout.

The Callout List content widget is available for use on department homepages that use the alternate page layout. The Callout List consists of:

  • A heading with optional link
  • An image measuring 400x400
  • Brief text to accompany the image

You can combine multiple list items, which will span two columns in a box with a background color of your choice from the U-M color palette. The Callout List widget will appear in the top full-width region of department site homepages using the alternate layout.

A few tips for using the Callout List:

  • Create an even number of list items, such as 4 or 6, to evenly fill out the box.
  • Keep text blurbs a uniform length where possible, to create balance between list items.
  • Crop your images to 400x400 before uploading them to the website, so you can see how they look as squares.
  • Use short, meaningful text labels for each list item, and link to supporting page content where appropriate.
Screenshot of homepage showing callout list items

How It Looks in the Layout

Screenshot of website homepage showing alternate page layout option with "billboard"

The Callout List widget can be combined with the Callout Circles widget and the Front Color Blocks widget to create a top full-width content region on department homepages that use the alternate layout option.