Scientist Training in Rheumatology Research

The Michigan Medicine Division of Rheumatology Scientist Training in Rheumatology Research program is designed to prepare outstanding postdoctoral scientists, both MD and PhD, for investigative careers in research related to rheumatic diseases.

Our program has a strong record of success which we attribute to a comprehensive and integrated educational approach and the following fundamental principles that have guided our program since its inception in 1976.

  • Recruitment of diverse candidates with strong research potential and a commitment to discovery
  • Providing trainees with tailored mentorship teams and individual development plans to optimize their progression toward research independence
  • Promoting multidisciplinary research through cohesive and collaborative faculty teams
  • Leveraging unsurpassed institutional resources to promote trainee success

Program Goal

To equip a diverse cohort of trainees with all the tools needed to become successful independent investigators focused on improving the understanding of, and care for, people living with rheumatic diseases.

Program Aims

Our program is designed to provide trainees:

  • a broad working knowledge of the biological and clinical aspects of rheumatic diseases
  • essential familiarity with state-of-the-art scientific methodologies and analyses
  • experience and confidence with all aspects of scientific communication
  • strong roots in the ethical conduction of research and in embracing a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our program focuses on four major scientific themes that align with the modern research landscape, which is focused on the pursuit of precision, patient-centric approaches to health and disease for the diverse populations living with rheumatic diseases.

  • Biologic Underpinnings of Clinical Heterogeneity
  • Immunological Mechanisms of Disease
  • Injury, Repair, and Fibrosis
  • Patient Outcomes/Experience and Innovative Trials

Our program faculty mentors, drawn from across the Michigan Medicine research community, are experienced researchers and mentors who together bring an enormous level of interdisciplinary expertise focused on rheumatic diseases.

Our leadership team is comprised of well-established physician scientists and mentors, with Jason Knight, MD, PhD serving as Program Director, and J. Michelle Kahlenberg, MD, PhD and Dinesh Khanna, MD, MSc serving as Associate Program Directors.