Education and Training

Our division has a strong interest in training students interested in the field of molecular medicine and genetics. In addition to the Medical Genetics Residency Program (based in the Department of Pediatrics), the University of Michigan offers several advanced training and graduate programs in this field.

Medical Genetics Residency Program (Department of Pediatrics)

Based in the Division of Pediatric Genetics, Metabolism and Genomic Medicine, the Medical Genetics Residency Program utilizes combined clinical genetics services, basic science research, and education programs of multiple departments. The primary goals of the program are Board Certification in Medical Genetics and preparation for a research career in academic genetics. Residents will complete rotations in Pediatric Genetics, Pediatric Biochemical Genetics, Internal Medicine Genetic Medicine, Cancer Genetics, Prenatal Genetics, and Adult Neurogenetics. The Division of Genetic Medicine faculty and staff teach and provide guidance in both the classroom and clinical settings, and are committed to providing exceptional and unique educational opportunities designed to enrich each resident's experience in the program.

Graduate and Advanced Training Programs (Department of Human Genetics and School of Public Health)

Our faculty and staff are actively involved in educating and training students in the following graduate and advanced training programs:

Conferences/CME Opportunities