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For Patients

  • For our clinic information, specialty clinics, procedure information and more, please visit the Kidney Disease (Nephrology) section on Listed below are our comprehensive, specialty clinics and services:
    • Glomerular Diseases Clinic – focuses on kidney diseases that affect the glomeruli – small filter parts of the kidney.
    • Inherited Kidney Diseases Clinic – helps diagnose and treat adults with genetically determined kidney diseases.
    • Stone Prevention Clinic – performs thorough evaluations to determine risk factors for formation of new kidney stones.
    • Outpatient Dialysis Program – dialysis care provided by a team of dedicated faculty, nurses and technician at multiple locations.
    • Inpatient Dialysis Program – a full-service, full-time acute dialysis unit providing renal replacement therapy.
    • Interventional Nephrology – providing the latest dialysis access support for hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis patients.
    • Chronic Kidney Disease Clinic - a specialized, multidisciplinary care team working to delay disease progression and maximize quality of life for chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients.
    • Dialysis Vascular Access Service – a cooperative clinical service for responsive vascular access treatment.
    • University of Michigan Transplant Center – cutting edge kidney transplantation.
    • Young Adult Nephrology Clinic – comprehensive multidisciplinary care to young adults transitioning to adult health care.
    • Lupus Program – designed to provide expert, multidisciplinary care for patients with lupus.
    • Geriatric Kidney Disease Clinic – provides care to meet the specific needs of older adults with kidney disease.
  • For information on Kidney and Pancreas Transplant, please visit the U-M Transplant Center on
  • Michigan Medicine Patient and Visitor Guide 


For Physicians


Why choose us?

Many of the recent advances in the diagnosis and treatment of kidney disease require close collaboration between kidney specialists with diverse areas of expertise. In recognition of these advances, we have brought together a team of specialists to evaluate and treat patients with known or suspected kidney disease in a timely and coordinated manner. Our patients also have access to clinical research opportunities and cutting-edge treatments.