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Drugs Showing Promise in Cancer Trials Reduce Scarring for Scleroderma

Dr. Pei-Suen (Eliza) Tsou and team discover that drugs that inhibit BRD4, known to play a role in cancer, also affect fibrosis in scleroderma. Read more.

Nanoparticle Reduces Skin and Lung Scarring for Scleroderma

Dr. John Varga and his lab discover a biodegradable nanoparticle used in medical sutures could combat chronic inflammation and scarring in the lungs and skin of people with scleroderma. Read more.

Additional COVID Vaccine Dose in People with Autoimmune Disease

Dr. Dinesh Khanna co-leads a NIH study that will examine the antibody response to an additional dose of the COVID vaccine in people with autoimmune diseases. Read more.

Circulating CTRP9 Is Associated with Severity of SSc-Associated ILD

Dr. John Varga and researchers find that higher circulating levels of the protein CTRP9 are associated with worse lung function in patients with systemic sclerosis (SSc)-related interstitial lung disease (ILD). Read a brief overview and abstract.

Online Mental Health Intervention Significantly Helps the Isolated, Immunosuppressed During Pandemic

Researchers say the support program could be extended to many patient populations. Read more.

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