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Lupus, a systemic autoimmune disease, causes widespread inflammation and tissue damage, challenging the body in myriad ways. This devastating, unpredictable condition can affect anyone. As many as 1 million Americans have lupus, with that number reaching 5 million worldwide, according to the Lupus Foundation of America.

Because it is chronic, patients suffer through remissions and flare-ups for years. Complications such as accelerated heart disease and kidney damage increase mortality for lupus patients. Lupus can impact any part of the body, which means we engage physicians and scientists across our health system.

Collaboratively, we are invested in learning more about what causes lupus, how flare-ups can be prevented, how to predict disease progression, and how to prevent permanent organ damage. Our lab is especially interested in understanding how triggers like skin bacteria or ultraviolet light can stimulate the immune system to go into over-drive and cause damage.

Investigating the Causes of Flares in Autoimmune Disease Webinar

Dr. Michelle Kahlenberg presents "Investigating the Causes of Flares in Autoimmune Disease", followed by Dr. Joseph McCune who discusses the mission and goals of the Lupus Program.

Research Areas

Research Areas
  • The effects of ultraviolet light on lupus skin
  • Triggers for flares in lupus patients and lupus-prone mice
  • Effects of microbiome on skin inflammation in lupus patients
  • Bioinformatic approaches to uncovering novel biomarkers and therapies for lupus patients
  • Comparisons of cutaneous lupus to other skin diseases
U-M Division of Rheumatology, Dr. Michelle Kahlenberg

Giles G. Bole, MD and Dorothy Mulkey, MD Research Professor
of Rheumatology

Associate Professor
Department of Internal Medicine, Division of Rheumatology

Taubman Institute
Parfet Emerging Scholar

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