Application deadline is January 1, 2024

We fully participate in the ERAS application process. Paper applications will not be accepted.


  1. Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE)
  2. Applicants must provide a letter of recommendation from the Chair (or designee) of your Department of Medicine (plus Chair of Pediatrics for Med/Peds applicants), official transcript, and at least two letters of recommendation. At least one letter must be from an internist. All letters must be from your medical school; they cannot be provided from electives at other institutions. The letters need to state that the writer has directly observed the applicant. The letters must also address clinical competency and medical knowledge.
  3. Pass USMLE Step 1
  4. You must have passed Step 2 CK – Step 2 CS was eliminated in January 2021 
  5. You are welcome to transmit additional letters, published papers, and supporting information at your discretion
  6. For graduates of international medical schools, we require a recommendation letter from an Internal Medicine faculty physician attesting to your clinical performance in the United States

Selection Process

  • The House Officer Selection Committee for the Internal Medicine Residency Program will select from among eligible applicants on the basis of their preparedness, ability, aptitude, academic credentials, communication skills, and personal qualities such as motivation and integrity. Offers to interview are extended to qualified candidates taking into account the Program’s commitments to educational/clinical excellence and diversity.  
  • Candidates who elect to interview at our program meet with faculty trained in Internal Medicine, in addition to the Program Director and/or Associate Program Director. Selection (“ranking”) of candidates is determined by the Program Directors and House Officer Selection Committee. The committee is composed of faculty and chief medical residents. Selection of residents for the Internal Medicine Residency Program occurs through the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) and all candidates who wish to be considered must participate within the NRMP. The following credentials will be examined when considering candidates:
    • All candidates must have taken and passed USMLE I and USMLE II CK to be eligible for listing the program’s NRMP rank list. COMLEX scores from osteopathic candidates are acceptable, but USMLE scores are preferred.
    • All applicants must have completed at least one year’s clinical training in a LCME or ACGME approved program. This year must include hands-on patient care for which the student/resident has taken an active role demonstrating responsibility for patient care and outcome.
    • To be considered for selection, eligible candidates must be either a US citizen, seek a J-1 visa, or have permanent resident status (green card).

Additional Information

IMPORTANT - We do not offer preliminary positions through the match, only Internal Medicine and Medicine-Pediatrics Categorical.

We use a multi-criteria-based selection process; therefore, we do not provide minimum score requirements nor do we have a medical school graduation year requirement. We accept J-1 ECFMG certified visas only.

International medical graduates can contact the Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) for their application materials and eligibility requirements. Application materials will be sent only to those candidates who meet ECFMG requirements. Please write to: ECFMG-ERAS Program, P.O. Box 13467, Philadelphia, PA 19104-3467, U.S.A., or go to their website,, to download their form.

International medical graduates' application to our program must possess a letter from an Internal Medicine faculty member who served as supervisor/instructor to applicant, at a U.S. academic institution attesting to the applicant's clinical experience and competence at that institution.

Observerships/Externships are not provided in our department.

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