Radiology 3T Research MRI Lab

Human Research 3 Tesla Magnetic Resonance Imaging provides high quality anatomic and advanced MR imaging services for IRB-approved research studies and clinical trials with funds allocated for non-standard-of-care research MRI scans.

Research 3T MRI Services

Study-specific MR scan procedures built and maintained in a dedicated study-coded protocols.  A single scanner is used for serial research MR scans of study subjects.  Regular scanner QA and qualification phantom scans are provided per study requirements.  Scan protocol optimization and technical query resolution help is provided over the course of the study.  Onsite PACS DICOM image archival and time-sensitive external transfers with de-identification (in compliance with HIPAA and Radiology Dept. policies: [email protected]; (734) 615-2100). 

Well over 50 distinct research studies / clinical trials are serviced by the Research 3T MRI Resource in any given year.  For common questions regarding research study setup and logistics, see our internal site.

For study budget pre-planning and funded study set-up, contact Research MRI Technologists or Research Process Manager for research scan fee schedule and Study Questionnaire form.  Research MRI staff can assist in filling out this form (see internal site for sample).


Philips 3 Tesla Model Ingenia SW R5.3 MRI, referred to as “UH RAD MRI SCANNER 02”   

UM BioEngineeringUnit (BEU) #363694 (for IRB); FDA 510(K) approval code: K110151.