Thanks to your generous support, the University of Michigan Department of Radiology is fortunate to have 14 endowed professorships.

Named professorships are important because they help to underwrite the work of our faculty members, allowing financial resources to be channeled toward residents, research, professional development and other critical areas in the department.

These professorships are awarded to current faculty members, and honor outstanding teachers, clinicians and researchers. They are also important for the recruitment and retention of outstanding faculty.

Learn more about our named professorships, including whom they honor and how you can become a supporter:

Research Prof. in Cardiovascular Imaging
David M. Williams
David M. Williams Research Professorship
Dr. Gabrielson Brochure
Trygve O. Gabrielsen Professorship
Dr. Cho Brochure
Kyung J. Cho Professorship
Dr. Silver
Terry M. Silver Professorship
Dr. Korobkin Brochure
Melvyn T. Korobkin Professorship
Dr. Carson Brochure
Paul L. Carson Professorship
Dr. Kuhl Brochure
David E. Kuhl Professorship
Dr. Adusumilli Brochure
Saroja Adusumilli Professorship
William Martel
William Martel Professorship
Fred Jenner Hodges
Fred Jenner Hodges Professorship
Roger A. Berg Professorship
Basic Radiological Sciences Professorship
John F. Holt
John F. Holt Professorship