All Radiology Residency Applicant Interviews will continue to be held remotely. To be fair to all applicants, our program will not be offering on-site interviews this year.

The Radiology Residency starts in the PGY-2 year. Eight diagnostic radiology positions are available each year and are filled through the National Resident Matching Program. Applications for residency positions are processed through the Electronic Residency Application Service. Applications are processed and interviews are offered on a rolling basis.

To assure a complete and timely review of your application, we strongly recommend that all materials are posted on the ERAS system prior to the opening date of ERAS, or as close to this date as possible.

Interview Process

Our program coordinators will contact all applicants who are invited to interview at least one week in advance in order to ensure that the mechanism for the interview is understood and that a reliable link can be established. Accommodation will be made for applicants who may be based in other (Central, Mountain, or Pacific time zones), to minimize any inconvenience caused by time differences.

In order to maintain our standard interview process as much as possible, we are going to preserve the basic structure of our interview day. As a result, we would ask all applicants to set aside one of our interview day slots in entirety, as well as approximately one hour the evening before the interview day.

On the evening before the interview, applicants will have the opportunity to speak with current residents, during which time they can ask any informal questions they would like. The times of this meet and greet will be determined in advance.

The interview day will include a live presentation by one of the members of the Residency Selection Committee. During this presentation the structure of the Residency Training program will be reviewed, along with a description of the program’s curriculum, resident activities and opportunities, and brief discussions of life at the University of Michigan and in Ann Arbor. This presentation will last approximately 35 minutes. Following this, the Program Director, Chief Residents, and Department Chair will introduce themselves and speak briefly (for 5-10 minutes each) about the Residency Training Program.

The formal interview experience will begin. All applicants will participate in each activity, although not necessarily in the order listed as follows:  

  • All applicants will meet individually with each of three faculty interviewers. Each of these interviews will last approximately 20 minutes. All applicants will also meet individually with the residency program director and chief residents.
  • All applicants will be encouraged to attend a live noon conference (which is given every day at 12 noon Eastern Time).
  • All applicants will have virtual tours of the Department and then of the City of Ann Arbor. These will be guided live by several current residents.

An outline of the new virtual interview format is summarized as follows:

  • Evening before the interview: informal meet and greet with current residents.
  • Interview day:
    • Live presentation by Resident Selection Committee Member
    • Live presentation by Program Director
    • Live presentation by Chief Residents
    • Live presentation by Department Chair
    • Three 20-minute-long interviews with individual faculty members
    • Interview with the Program Director
    • Interview with the Chief Residents
    • Virtual Departmental tour
    • Virtual City of Ann Arbor tour
    • Live noon conference presentation

It is our sincere hope that the virtual interview process will resemble an on-site interview day as much as possible, while allowing all applicants to stay safe at their own homes or institutions.

Interview Dates


  • October 26
  • November 2
  • November 9
  • November 15
  • December 5
  • December 12


  • January 9

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Kimberly Shampain, MD

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