3D Imaging Laboratory

  • Provide clinically relevant visualization and analysis of medical imaging data within Michigan Medicine and to non-UMHS health care providers requesting our services
  • Develop and apply new, advanced visualization techniques toward that purpose
  • Educate health care professionals
  • Participate in research

As Advanced Image Processing Specialists, the delivery of high-quality, advanced post-processed medical images is the primary activity in our lab. We assist and provide support for advanced applications for CT and MR, including but not limited to Cardiac Analysis, CT Perfusion, and CT and MR Angiography, functional MRI (fMRI) and diffusion tensor imaging (DTI). We provide technical expertise in the performance of a variety of post-processing applications and complex 3D renderings on CT and MR data sets across the organ-based Radiology Specialties. We also provide appropriate interpretive worksheets for applicable examinations, including pre-operative analysis.

The 3D Lab staff has direct physician interaction, reviewing and discussing post-processing work with radiologists and/or referring physicians for patient management, including pre-operative planning. We also interact with nursing staff to support pre-procedural preparation of cardiac and CTA patients to maintain workflow and obtain quality scans for optimal post-processing results.

If you are interested in having input into the work we do for you and your patients, please contact the 3D imaging lab staff at (734) 647-0944.

We develop and administer curriculum for educating CT Technologists; education includes acquisition protocols and 3D renderings. We participate in departmental Continuing Medical Education courses and Michigan Society of Radiologic Technologists(link is external) courses as lecturers and run hands-on workshops. We also provide applications and protocol training for fellows and visiting physicians for post-processing of Cardiac CT. A training program for other 3D applications or for technologists is not available at this time. However, internal and outside technologists and physicians are welcome to observe 3D post-processing techniques in our lab when pre-arranged with our staff. 

Working directly with the Radiology faculty, the 3D staff helps develop, implement and assist in maintaining advanced CT protocols and techniques. We verify the appropriate protocols prescribed for CT examinations requiring post-processing, including CTA studies, and ensure appropriate protocols are prescribed by residents and fellows for all exams requiring post-processing. We assist as needed with MR acquisition protocols and QA as related to 3D examinations. We also assist faculty and house officers with academic work, including but not limited to research, publications and lectures on new techniques or procedures involving CT and MR post-processing and protocols.

In carrying out our mission, we have a responsibility to the U-M Department of Radiology and to the entire University of Michigan community to conduct our activities in a responsible, forthright and fair manner.