Resident Research

As one of the top funded research campuses in the country, the University of Michigan offers abundant research opportunities. All residents are required to participate in at least one scholarly project during residency. Many residents publish peer-reviewed papers and present their work at national meetings, and numerous residents have won national awards for their research.

Our faculty members are nationally and internationally recognized for their research in radiology. Through both one-on-one and group mentoring, they guide residents through the process of project design, data collection, manuscript preparation, oral presentation, and publication. It is easy to get involved with research here as a resident, even with limited past experience, and many projects have started as conversations and questions at the workstation. Residents who want to pursue large scale projects will also find outstanding faculty mentors who are eager to provide guidance. The Program Director and Associate Program Directors are always available to help facilitate connections with faculty mentors, as needed.

Our program supports residents in their research endeavors by providing them with the time to explore their projects. There are several different possibilities, depending on the resident’s goals.

Four-year Longitudinal Pathway

Residents with an interest in an intensive and collaborative research experience can complete a longitudinal pathway as follows:

  • Years 1 and 2: residents work with a mentorship committee to identify a suitable mentor and develop research ideas while completing routine clinical rotations
  • Year 3: 3 months dedicated research time in the summer/fall, other 9 months on clinical rotations including call
  • Year 4: 9 months dedicated research time spread throughout the year, 3 months on clinical rotations including call
  • Fellowship: Clinical fellowship training can be incorporated into a trainee’s research pathway, depending on a trainee’s individual career goals and clinical fellowship desired

R4 Research Elective 

Radiology residents with established mentoring and projects that require dedicated time but who do not wish to complete the longitudinal pathway may spend up to six months participating in an elective research experience during the R4 (PGY-5) year.

Clinical Research Weeks for R2 and R3 Residents

All residents in the R2 (PGY-3) and R3 (PGY-4) years have two weeks of clinical research time.

Residents also enjoy numerous resources such as:

  • Opportunities to perform cutting edge research with an active CAD/AI lab and exciting work being performed with 3D imaging and printing.
  • Access to professional statisticians, medical illustrators, and media staff to help prepare posters and electronic presentations.
  • Funding support, including travel reimbursement for presentations at conferences and national meetings.
  • State-of-the art technology, including information and imaging retrieval support.
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