Leadership Development

While at Michigan, residents have the luxury of being at a world class university and its associated graduate programs. This gives our trainees unique opportunities to pursue and develop additional areas of interest, particularly in research, business, innovation, and education.

CoMET (A Community of Medical Educators)

A trainee-designed, trainee-led, GME-sponsored initiative which started in 2016. Twice monthly 90-minute sessions will focus on both the development of practical teaching skills with structured opportunities for practice and feedback, as well as the opportunity to design and implement a medical education-focused scholarly project. Sessions will be facilitated by some of the health system’s most gifted educators.   

Health Equity and Quality Scholars Program

As a member of the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education (ACGME) Pursuing Excellence, Healthcare Disparities Collaborative, Michigan Medicine has developed the Healthcare Equity and Quality Scholars Program to equip house officers with the skills they need to engage in systems-based approaches to deliver equitable, safe, and high-quality care throughout their careers.

This effort aims to strengthen the Michigan Medicine framework and fulfill the ACGME Common Program Requirements for engaging clinical learners in quality improvement to address health care disparities within the clinical learning environment (CLE), identifying opportunities to improve the care and outcomes for vulnerable patient populations. HEQSP fills a gap in the resident and fellow curriculum by addressing specific competencies within the Milestones Assessment System.

The Healthcare Equity and Quality Scholars Program (HEQSP) is a longitudinal healthcare disparities curriculum incorporating cultural humility, social determinants of health and quality improvement. This 10-month certificate program is designed to further develop house officers into leaders and change agents for healthcare equity.

Residents learn about cultural humility and the root causes of health disparities and apply what they learned by completing a structured quality improvement initiative aimed at reducing health or healthcare disparities.

Healthcare Administration Scholars Program

The Healthcare Administration Scholars Program is a voluntary education program designed for residents interested in pursuing healthcare administration as part of their medical career. The goal of the program is to prepare residents for leadership opportunities in healthcare administration. The 20 month program involves selected readings, didactic small group seminars, panel discussions, and an individual project related to an issue within healthcare administration. Explore the curriculum for more details.