The Kyung J. Cho Collegiate Professorship in Radiology

Kyung J. Cho Professorship

A desire to become the best possible physician led Dr. Cho to come to the United States, even before he learned English. He began his radiology training in Detroit and came to Ann Arbor to work with Stewart Reuter, one of the leading vascular radiologists at that time. Kyung’s desire to serve his patients resulted in exquisite imaging studies, and he helped to make them safer by developing carbon dioxide as a contrast media. The quality of his work in technically demanding studies such as pulmonary angiography and adrenal venous sampling is legendary. He helped to usher in the era of interventional radiology through his work perfecting the techniques used to alter regional blood flow by occluding bleeding vessels. He has been recognized by the University of Michigan award for Lifetime Achievement Award in Medical Education and with the Gold Medals from his professional societies, the Society of Interventional Radiology and the Korean Society of Interventional Radiology. Dr. Cho’s dedication to patient care, his passion for teaching and his desire to advance the field have made him a respected leader in vascular and interventional radiology throughout the world.

“Dr. Cho led by example. His tremendous work ethic, attention to detail and dedication to patient care showed trainees and colleagues alike how to provide the best possible clinical care.”


“In four decades, Dr. Cho´s mentoring of physicians in the region, inside and outside of the university, has transgressed medical specialties for the betterment of Michigan patients.”


“Dr. Cho is the ultimate diagnostician. One of the great pleasures is listening to Kyung as he teaches residents, fellows, and faculty. He has been a great friend, mentor, colleague and teacher, and a wonderful person. Congratulations Dr. Cho!”


"Kyung Cho is the reason I made the turn into Interventional Radiology. His unrelenting commitments to teaching — how to interpret images, of course, but instilling the urge to conclude the diagnostic trail and permit (and sometimes administer) conclusive treatment — and patient welfare have inspired me and a generation of angiographers at Michigan. We didn’t say, for example ‘No evidence of pulmonary embolism’. We said, ‘No pulmonary embolism.’ That spirit has never left me."


“I consider Dr. Cho a great teacher and ‘The best physician in the world’ in the field of gastrointestinal angiography. He mentored over 100 interventional radiologists in the past 40 years and today you can find his students flying the flag of University of Michigan in every part of the world, occupying various levels of academic hierarchy.”


“Dr. Cho´s passion and dedication for research and teaching have inspired and benefitted generations of interventional radiologists, both at UM and around the world. He already has a distinguished and vast legacy of past and present trainees and colleagues, and I am forever grateful for all that he has shared. His countless hours and years spent in the service of patients and teaching have made him the anchor of the division and the bridge between past, present and future; this professorship is a celebration of his career and his total commitment to UM and IR.”


Kyung J. Cho Collegiate Professorship in Radiology Recipients

David M. Williams, MD