A lifetime conversation with Dr. N. Reed Dunnick

Dr. N. Reed Dunnick was the chair of radiology at the University of Michigan for over 25 years and is an internationally respected broadly influential leader in our field.

In the following one-hour interview, you will have the opportunity to learn from his lifetime of wisdom on departmental structure, early career success, organizational strength, and leadership.

The content is ideal for medical students considering radiology, residents and fellows learning their way, young faculty physicians planning their careers, future leaders aspiring to his heights, current and prospective chairs who want to emulate his successes, and anyone in or outside medicine who needs to know how an effective leader can sustain success for a long period of time.

Watch the full conversation with Dr. Dunnick

On Radiology, and the University of Michigan Radiology Department
On Early Career Physicians
On Organizational Strength
On Leadership