Patrick Moran, M.D.

Medical School: Medical College of Wisconsin
Residency: University of Michigan

Research Interests: 
Interests include critically ill oncology/BMT patients, ARDS, CRRT, ECMO. I hope to further delineate risk factors in these various populations for specific outcomes such as length of stay, long-term morbidity and mortality. Uncertain of what specific area I'll focus on in general but that is TBD!

Why Michigan?
I first came to Michigan in 2020 for pediatric residency, which was my first time living outside of Wisconsin. Over the past several years, I have grown very attached to the Ann Arbor area and CS Mott, making my initial plans to return to Wisconsin at some point take a backseat. The opportunities I have been able to explore throughout residency have set me up for success with my transition to fellowship. I am grateful to be able to continue working with many of the wonderful faculty and staff whom I met throughout residency, as they are a big factor in what encouraged me to pursue PCCM. The strong emphasis on research while also providing rigorous clinical training are big strengths that I value at Michigan in particular.

Favorite thing about Ann Arbor: 
I look forward to continuing to explore the local restaurant and brewery scene that has impressed me so much already. The plethora of quality golf courses is also a huge appeal to me as I somewhat enjoy golf. My fiance (wife if reading this after August 2023) and I love spending time outside with our two rescue greyhounds, and we love that Ann Arbor has numerous outdoor hangout spots.