COR Session Topics

COR group will meet in the Commons Room on the 10th floor at the University of Michigan Center for Human Growth & Development, located at 300 NIB at 300 North Ingalls Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48109. Meetings are generally the 1st, 3rd, and 5th Wednesday of each month between mid-September through mid-June from 7:30-9 AM. Refreshments provided. Please see the schedules for past and future topics.


October 19th - Home Visit Experiences and Community Resources

November 2nd - Advocacy

November 30th - Synthetic Drugs

December 21st - Aging Out of Foster Care


February 1st - Developmental Screening

February 15th - Parent-Child Interventions

February 29th - Gay and Lesbian Teens and Health Care Issues

March 7th - Interpreters

April 4th - Off on the Wrong Foot with Families

May 2nd - Working Memory Training

May 30th - Bullying

June 6th - Immigration - Deportation

October 31st - MCHAT, New ASD Legislation Update, Socio-emotional tools

November 7th - Continuation from October 31st discussion

November 21st - Continued Cases and Review of Later-age Socio-emotional tools

December 5th - Separation Concerns - Military Parents and Parents in Prison


January 16th - Early Child Antecedents for Obesity

January 30th - Thoughts From a Physician on Doctor-Patient Communication about Physician Illness and Dying

February 6th - Cases and Systems of Pediatric Care in China

February 20th - Immigration and Children

March 20th - Attachment and Cases

April 3rd - Child Development and Parenting - Perspectives from Islamic Teachings

May 1st - Follow-Up from the Boston Tragedy and Other Traumatic Events

May 15th - Update on ADHD: Executive Dysfunction, neuroscience, and long-term studies. Family History/Genetics

May 29th - Persistent and Deep Poverty - Effects on Children and Families

June 5th - Transition to Adulthood - for Individuals with Special Education Needs

June 19th - ADHD Treatment/cases: Psychopharm, Behavioral Treatment, Neurofeedback, Parent Work

October 2nd - Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

October 30th - Neuropsychology for Non-Neuropsychologists

November 6th - Breakup Violence 48hr Video and Discussion

November 20th - UM Eating Disorders Program

December 18th - Autism Spectrum Disorder - Update


February 5th - Review Socio-Emotional Screening Tools; Discuss Parenting Resources; Psychosocial Screening Tools

March 19th - Parent Resources - Socioemotional -psychosocial areas

April 30th - Discussion of Far From the Tree

May 7th - "Anatomy of a Neuropsych Testing in an 11 year old Girl with Learning Disabilities: From Results to Interventions"

May 21st - Domestic Violence - Impact on Children

June 4th - Patients from Russia and Eastern Europe

October 15th - Role of the Professional when Teens "Come Out"

October 29th - Review of Special Education Services for Young Children

November 5th - Sleep Problems - Adolescence

December 3rd - Special Education continued


January 7th - Media and Parenting

January 21st - Grimm's Fairy Tales - and Child Development

February 4th - Fairy Tales from different cultures

February 18th - Fairy Tales from different cultures

April 1st - Talking to Adolescents and Families about Drug Use

May 6th - Electronic Media and Development

June 3rd - Language Development

June 17th - Stealing
September 30th - Frost Poem on Grief/Loss

October 7th - Eating Disorders Evaluation 

December 2nd - Feeding Problems in Young Children

December 16th - "Room" book - movie discussion


Jan 20th - Grief and Loss

Feb 3rd - Culture of Poverty

Feb 17th - Poverty and Effects on Child Development

Mar 16th - Update on Substance Use/Abuse