Research Staff

Renee Ervin, BSW, MSM

Clinical Subjects Associate



Chaandini (CJ) Jayachandran, MS, CCRP

Clinical Research Coordinator


  • CPCCRN PRECISE - PI: Michael Quasney, MD, PhD
  • PROSpect - PI: Heidi Flori, MD
  • MANTIS - PI: Heidi Flori, MD
  • PARADIGM – PI: Mary Dahmer, PhD
  • AMPLE - PI: Mary Dahmer, PhD
  • Viral Pathogens - PI: Heidi Flori, MD
  • USIP - PI: Heidi Flori, MD

Kelli McDonough, MS, CCRP

Clinical Research Project Manager

Moni Weber, RN, BSN, CCRP

P-ICECAP Project Director

P-ICECAP Trial (Pediatric Influence of Cooling duration on Efficacy in Cardiac Arrest Patients) NCT05376267

A international multicenter trial to establish the efficacy of cooling and the optimal duration of induced hypothermia for neuroprotection in pediatric comatose survivors of cardiac arrest.

The investigators hypothesize that longer durations of cooling may improve either the proportion of children that attain a good neurobehavioral recovery or may result in better recovery among the proportion already categorized as having a good outcome.

Lauren Yoder, BS

Clinical Subjects Coordinator


  • Post-Intensive Care Syndrome – pediatrics (PICS-p), PI: Erin Carlton, MD, MSc, WWW.AFTERPICU.COM
  • Following Outcomes after Critical Illness (FOCI), PI: Joseph Kohne, MD, MSc
  • Transfusion and Organ Dysfunction in Pediatric Septic Shock (TROPICS), PI: Mary Dahmer, PhD