Department Goals

We are dedicated to recruiting, recognizing, and retaining a group of diverse faculty, staff, and trainees. We engage in ethical and equitable hiring practices that include fair and competitive compensation for all. We strive to produce a supportive and rewarding work environment, with a dedication to career development and wellness. 

We work diligently to remain a top-funded Pediatrics department in the U.S. by investing in innovative basic, clinical, and translational research that will ultimately improve the lives of children everywhere.  

Our training programs provide positive, inclusive, and exceptional learning environments that encourage clinicians and researchers to reach their full potential. We welcome and value feedback to ensure continuous improvement across all training programs.

Our health system focuses on quality, safety, and best practices at all levels of care. With exceptional clinical care, our hospitals and specialties rank among the top in the nation. We also aim to expand our clinical excellence through partnerships and joint ventures while remaining focused on quality, safety, and best practices.

We provide seamless administrative support and effectively steward the financial resources of the Department. This allows the Department to thrive in meeting the goals of the education, research, and clinical missions. Strategic thinking and planning allow us to pursue high-impact opportunities that align with larger institutional goals.