DEI at Michigan Pediatrics

At the University of Michigan, we are committed to the benefits that diversity brings to the fabric of our department, across staff, trainees and faculty. We believe combining different perspectives and fostering diverse approaches to strategic thinking is critical to our success and excellence in our medical education and patient care missions. We aim for all residents to graduate as strong pediatricians equipped with the knowledge and skills to drive equitable outcomes for all children.

Our mission:

  • Integrate education surrounding health equity into all aspects of training including education, clinical care, research, and advocacy
  • Train future pediatric leaders equipped with knowledge, skills, and attitudes to dismantle systemic inequities
  • Advocate for inclusive policies that foster diversity, equity, and inclusion

Our residency program strives to reach these goals through multiple initiatives including:

To learn more about our diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, please reach out to the Pediatric Residency Program leadership at [email protected]. You can also learn more about the Department of Pediatrics Commitment here.