Think ZEBRA!

April is National Primary Immune Deficiency Awareness Month!

In medical school many doctors are taught the old saying “when you hear hoof beats, think horses, not zebras”, which means that doctors should consider the most likely possibility first when thinking of a diagnosis. However, primary immune deficiencies are rare (like zebras!), thus the Immune Deficiency Foundation started PID Awareness Month to remind patients, families and doctors that not all diseases are horses… some are zebras!

Join us in the Immuno-Hematology Clinic (7 Mott, reception C) waiting room on April 3rd for zebra themed crafts and games while learning about immune deficiency. Don’t forget to wear your black and white stripes!

Also, visit the Mott Cafeteria to buy a zebra striped balloon! All proceeds will go to patient and family support groups

Time: All day!

Date: Friday, April 3rd


Visit the IDF for more information: