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A message to our applicants from Heather Burrows, M.D, Ph.D, Program Director of the Pediatrics residency

A message to our applicants from Zach London, M.D., Program Director of the Adult Neurology residency

Your year with Adult Neurology at the University of Michigan is an opportunity for great personal and professional growth.  Our Child Neurology residents are an integral part of our Neurology family and help shape every aspect of our program.  We recognize that it can be an adjustment coming to Adult Neurology when your most recent clinical experience in the field may have been several years prior, so to ease the transition, we’ll have you join us for a month-long non-clinical rotation right before you start.  During this time, we will work together on case-based learning, localization exercises, and practice the examination and procedure skills used in Adult Neurology.  During your year of Adult Neurology, we will help you customize your schedule to best prepare you for your careers, with specialty rotation in EEG, EMG, epilepsy, headache, or a number of other inpatient our outpatient specialties. I look forward to the privilege of working with you!

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  • Deeya Das, MD
  • Haley Marber, MD
  • Hunter Sheckley, MD
  • Austin Waddell, MD

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