Contact the COR Group

For information about membership contact:
Barbara Felt, MD
[email protected]

The COR group consists of 2 moderators and 2 substitute moderators, and 8-15 pediatrician, developmental behavioral pediatrics and family medicine providers (trainees, in practice and retired) from Ann Arbor and surrounding communities. We are interested in remote or “virtual” members joining our group. Members have a variety of specific interests and skills such that participants and moderators all benefit from each other's contributions. The criteria for group membership will continue to be interest and willingness to attend regularly.

Current Active Members
Jackie Branch
Charles Krasnow
Kathy Sims
Sarah Domoff
Sara Laule
Richard Solomon
Barbara Felt
Betsy Lozoff
Sharon Swindell
Delores Garcia
Kelly Orringer
Mary Westhoff
Param Kochhar
Megan Pesch
Jerry Walden
Chistopher Kottke
Sara Sandvig