January 9, 2024

Making a Difference Awards: October - December 2023

Congratulations to our Making A Difference honorees from October-December 2023! This award highlights faculty and staff members for their dedication and great service to the Department of Pediatrics. To submit a nomination, click here.

Megan Cross, Pediatrics Administration
Robin Caulkins, Pediatrics Administration
Stephanie Stoll, Pediatrics Administration
Storme Reynolds, Pediatrics Administration
Taylor Winn, Pediatrics Administration
Aarti Raheja, General Pediatrics
Lindsey Long, General Pediatrics
Michael Anacker, General Pediatrics
Sarah Laginess, General Pediatrics
Daniel Turner, Cardiology
Elizabeth Schembri, Cardiology
Katherine Beall, Cardiology
Ghada Abusin, Hematology/Oncology
Garnett Smith, Neurology
Ishani Sandesara, Hospital Medicine
Ryan Jenkins, Hospital Medicine
Kelly Rea, Psychology
Kevin Smith, Psychology
Luke Turnier, Psychology 
Richard Birnbaum, Psychology 
Vishvanie Stoody, Adolescent Medicine
Victoria Shakhin, Gastroenterology
Kristen Smith, Pediatric Critical Care
Allison Aiello, Pediatric Epilepsy
Brody Gazarek, Pediatric Epilepsy
Crystal Vaughn, Pediatric Epilepsy
Hillary Weinmann, Pediatric Epilepsy
Lindsay Dickson, Pediatric Epilepsy
Mandy LaForest, Pediatric Epilepsy
Myra Chopp, Pediatric Epilepsy
Rachel Malcolm, Pediatric Epilepsy
Brent Carter, Cardiology
Caroline Smale, Cardiology
Carrie Thor, Cardiology
Christina Gomez, Cardiology
Christina Hepke, Cardiology
Christina Hepke, Cardiology
Danielle Gravlin, Cardiology
Erica Snook, Cardiology
Judith Hahn, Cardiology
Kalli Trevino, Cardiology
Kemi Bolden, Cardiology
Maria Zamorano-Roldan, Cardiology
Rebecca Overholt, Cardiology
Sarah Kindle, Cardiology
Sarah Manning, Cardiology
Shari Voisard, Cardiology
Tayah Polite, Cardiology
Tiffany Hunter, Cardiology
Aly Sonnen, House Officer
Amber Hill, House Officer
Andrew Gu, House Officer
Christopher Kruger, House Officer
Eileen Bragg, House Officer
Elise Corden, House Officer
Jenna Geick, House Officer
Leah Buckley, House Officer
Mekala Neelakantan, House Officer
Melanie Bondoc, House Officer
Regan Sindelar, House Officer
Benjamin Pritz, House Officer
Bryan Mosher, House Officer
Connor Smith, House Officer
Hillary Liken, House Officer
Alexander Sliwicki, House Officer
Maria Pliakas, House Officer
Thomas LaRouere, House Officer
Nicole Larsen, House Officer