January 16, 2024

2023 Department of Pediatrics Chair's Awards

This month we celebrated and honored the winners of the third annual Chair's Award Program! See the winners below: 

Outstanding Staff Member Awards (2) - Bridget O'Connor, Senior Lead Genetic Counselor and Anne Jackson, B.S., R.N., Rheumatology
These awards recognize administrators and professional or support staff members who demonstrate outstanding achievements and exceptional performance. Winners have documented achievements in creating positive and productive work environments for employees and are recognized as positive forces and team-builders.

Lifetime Achievement Award - Dr. Marc Hershenson, Pulmonology
This award celebrates an individual who has had a lifelong impact on child health at local, national, and/or international levels.

Rising Star Award - Dr. Giulia Benedetti, Neurology
This award recognizes an exceptional early-career faculty member whose actions and activities consistently exemplify enthusiasm, commitment, professionalism, and leadership.

Outstanding Service to Department Awards (2) - Dr. David Kershaw, Nephrology, and Dr. Maria Skoczylas, Hospital Medicine
These awards honor clinical faculty members who consistently share their time and expertise in service to internal committees, task forces, and other institutional activities that make a significant impact on our department’s missions.

Humanism in Clinical Care Award - Dr. Beth Ames, Genetics
This award honors a clinical faculty member who exemplifies the humanistic spirit of patient-centered medicine through clinical excellence and outstanding compassionate care.

Outstanding Mentorship Award - Dr. Lisa Prosser, CHEAR
This award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions in mentorship and sponsorship of students, research trainees, house officers, and/or faculty.

Excellence in Basic Science Research Award - Dr. Mary Dahmer, Critical Care
This award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to child health-related basic science research.

Excellence in Clinical or Health Services Award- Dr. Ryan Barbaro, Critical Care
This award recognizes an individual who has made significant contributions to child health-related clinical or health services research.

Clinical Program Development Award - Neonatology Consultation Program - Dr. Marin Arnolds, Dr. Naomi Laventhal, Valerie Burns, MBA, and Jean Rockey, NNP 
This award celebrates innovation and collaboration which are foundational to the success of our Department. It recognizes an individual or group that partners to create, develop, and sustain a clinical program to support our mission of providing the highest level of clinical care.

Outstanding Contributions in Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion - Dr. Susan Woolford, General Pediatrics
This award honors a faculty member or team who has made sustained contributions to diversity, equity, and inclusion at the division, department or health system level.

Excellence in Quality Improvement Award - Dr. Rebecca Vartanian, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine
This award recognizes an individual or a team who has made significant contributions to child health-related quality improvement

Philanthropy Award - Dr. John Charpie, Cardiology
This award recognizes outstanding commitment to donors and contributes to building a culture of philanthropy (e.g., through participation in donor engagement opportunities, securing strategic resources, creating inclusive giving opportunities, strategic use of donor resources, etc).

Congratulations to all!