Maria Pliakas, M.D.

Medical School: University of Michigan
Residency: University of Michigan

Research Interests: 
In the PICU, we take care of liver transplant patients in their immediate post-operative period. I am interested in utilizing large administrative databases to explore practice variations in this specific population. One particular area that I am excited about is our sedation practices and if there are any adverse events associated with certain medications in this period. Another area of interest of mine is applying quality improvement methodology to improve communication at rapid response teams.

Why Michigan: 
As a medical student here, I rotated through the PICU as a sub-intern and I remember being so in awe of everyone and the trust and team work amongst all team members, including faculty, fellows, NPs, residents, RTs, and nurses. I didn't know at the time that PICU was where I was going to end up but as I did my rotations throughout residency, I found myself drawn to how the PICU team worked together and how everyone, at every level, loved teaching each other. I wanted to stay at Michigan because of the people. Now that I have started fellowship, these friendships have continued both at work and outside of work as I have found an incredible group of co-fellows, faculty and NPs that support me on good days and not so good days. The faculty are fantastic and have a wide breadth of clinical and research interests with different skill sets, which has been really helpful in exploring a fellowship research project.

Favorite thing about Ann Arbor: 
Having spent the majority of my life in Ann Arbor, I am constantly discovering new areas and things to do in Ann Arbor and its surrounding areas. No matter the time of year, there is something to do, whether its going to a brewery, like Homes, with my friends or walking around downtown. Main Street in the summertime is great with many of the restaurants and bars offering outdoor seating. Visiting cider mills (my favorite is the Dexter Cider Mill) in the fall is also an absolute must.