Abigail McGinnis, M.D.

Medical School: University of Cincinnati College of Medicine
Residency: Nationwide Children's Hospital

Research Interests: 
My interests are in the quality improvement realm of the research world. I enjoy looking around at the PICU and seeing big picture issues at hand and thinking "hm, what could we implement, at a system level, to be doing this better?" For my fellowship project, I noticed a wide variation in how we as providers in our ICU manage pediatric delirium. I looked at this and said "hm, we could be doing this better!" Therefore, I am working to create a standardized algorithm for the management of pediatric delirium in our PICU, as well as lectures and a learning module aimed at increasing our collective knowledge about managing delirium so that we may better our patient care.

Why Michigan?
My class had the unique experience of being the first of the virtual interviews - and in such an wild time of trying to choose where to live and work for the next three year adventure of life, I could feel the warmth and connection through the flat computer screen from the people I interviewed with at Michigan. Even sitting at my kitchen table many miles away, I could tell that these people were my people, and they were going to not only care about making me the best critical care physician they could at they end of the three years, but they were going to care about me as a human being and making sure I survived with my tender human heart intact. Almost two years in, I am happy to say I was correct in my initial gut feeling assessment. In addition, I am a through and through midwesterner (native Ohioan here!) and I knew I would feel at home in a state like Michigan and a city like Ann Arbor.

Favorite thing about Ann Arbor: 
I absolutely LOVE the nature here. I am a huge sunshine, trees, trails and outdoors person and there is not shortage of running, walking, biking, etc. trails here. No shortage of lakes and rivers for water people too! I love the arboretum that is literally RIGHT next to the hospital (I often change in my car and go for a hike straight from work - it is excellent de-stress time!), and I live within a 8 minute car ride of four of my other favorite running trails as well. I also love the coffee scene here - there are SO many local coffee shops that are each unique and lovely in their own way and absolutely hold their own against even the toughest of coffee snobs (also known as my best friend, who was a barista prior to residency so she's got her credentials!) And t the risk of rambling, I'm also going to add that, while living in a "college town" has its frustrating down sides, the huge upside is the absolute FABULOUS food delivery options and food scene in general - top notch I may say.