Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory

We research sleep and circadian rhythms in human clinical disorders and treat patients with sleep and circadian disorders.

The overarching goals of the program are to:

  1. understand the role of sleep and circadian rhythms in human clinical disorders;
  2. create, test, and translate sleep and circadian research to improve health and well-being;
  3. promote the integration of sleep and circadian wellness into everyday clinical practice;
  4. train the next generation of sleep and circadian scientists and clinicians. 

The Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory is a unique facility that has been specifically designed to conduct sleep and circadian research studies in humans.

The main laboratory includes three wired bedrooms for sleep recording and a central control room with ensuite bathroom (toilet, sink, shower). Each bedroom has a twin-sized bed, side table, and a desk and chair. The main laboratory also includes a room specifically designed for meeting with potential participants, a room for study visits with enrolled participants, and a room containing a dim light photostimulator used to assess circadian photoreceptor sensitivity. The laboratory also includes a kitchen, a conference room, locked storage rooms, and offices for research and clinical staff.

Adjacent to the main laboratory are two temperature and light controlled time isolation suites, each with its own wired bedroom for sleep recording, living room, and bathroom (toilet, sink, shower). These suites also have a computerized lighting system that can precisely control the environmental conditions. These suites are designed for participants to live in the laboratory for many days, if the research requires longer stays in the laboratory. They can also be used for circadian phase assessments, to determine circadian timing.

The laboratory is housed within the Rachel Upjohn Building on the East Medical Campus and is part of the University of Michigan’s Depression Center. The building and the laboratory are secure after hours, with electronic card access to staff and faculty.




Sleep Lab Faculty

J. Todd Arnedt, Ph.D.

Co-Director, Sleep and Circadian Research Laboratory and Director, Behavioral Sleep Medicine Program