Consultation / Liaison Services

The Child and Adolescent Consult and Liaison Service provides specialty knowledge to pediatricians for patients hospitalized in Mott Hospital. A primary focus of the Consult and Liaison Service is in the area of safety of depressed and suicidal youth. Expanding areas include pharmacologic recommendations to patients dealing with emotional or behavioral disturbances, therapeutic treatment plans to address these issues, as well as disposition management for future care outside of Mott hospital. The Consult and Liaison Service has expanded its connection with the Child and Adolescent Inpatient Unit to improve transitions among the various levels of care. This Service works closely with the primary caregivers of Mott hospital in a multi-disciplinary approach that include the patient, parent/guardians, nursing, physicians of various disciplines, and social work. In some cases, we provide ongoing psychiatric treatment to the hospitalized child and the child's family. Often, due to the length of stay in the hospital, recommendations and arrangement for continued outpatient care are of prime importance.