Meet the Residents

The University of Michigan Psychiatry Residency program is a solid training program that prepares residents for independent practice in a variety of treatment settings: inpatient, outpatient, emergency, veterans’ care, pediatric, substance use, and forensics, to name a few!

Residents have an incredible amount of faculty support over four years as we hone our medication management skills, apply a wide spectrum of therapy modalities, learn how to manage crises, and gain understanding of the implications of mental health and mental illness within our society. We are so glad we chose U of M for residency during this critical period of learning at the beginning of our careers. At our program, we believe you will find many people and resources to help you achieve your goals, whether you are considering a career in academics or private practice or have specific interests in patient care, education, or research.

We hope prospective candidates will consider joining our University of Michigan family!

Dr. Michael Jibson welcomes the residents to the 2021 Resident Retreat at Howell Nature Center


Residents at a Resident Retreat


A group of PGY1s-4s at a summer gathering


PGY-4s at their annual holiday gift exchange 


A group of PGY 1-3s at the 2017 Resident Retreat 


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