Clinical Evaluations

Faculty and house officers must complete an evaluation on each and every student. Similarly, students also are required to complete evaluations on faculty members and house officers with whom they work.  Completion of a final clerkship evaluation is also required. This is a Web-based evaluation system with restricted access.

You may begin evaluations of faculty and house officer teaching on the first clinical day of the rotation. You may begin evaluations of this clerkship on Monday of the final clinical week each rotation.  Please complete faculty and house officer teaching evaluations by the end of the rotation. Please complete clerkship evaluations within two weeks after the end of the rotation.  Your comments and evaluations are appreciated.

You will not be able to read specific evaluations from faculty and residents until you either complete an evaluation of their teaching or until the clerkship grades have been submitted. This blinding process is intentional at the Medical School level.


Faculty Evaluation Forms


Students Evaluation Forms