Medical School Education

About the Clerkship

The Psychiatry rotation is a required four-week clinical rotation for clinical trunk students at the University of Michigan. Students learn to recognize and treat psychiatric disorders. They spend a significant amount of time interviewing patients, allowing them to refine their communication skills that are important for becoming effective physicians. We emphasize neuroscience and teaching specific communication skills in the Psychiatry rotation. The basic science content includes a two-hour session Basic Science Correlation at the beginning of the rotation on Neurotransmission and Psychopharmacology. The communication skills sessions will focus on communication challenges in the healthcare environment, particularly agitation and verbal de-escalation.


A variety of electives are available for medical students in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Michigan. Clinical as well as research opportunities can be arranged. Students from other medical schools are welcome, and those interested in learning more about Michigan's Psychiatry Residency program are invited and encouraged to spend some elective time here.