May 12, 2021

Achieving Comprehensive Treatment in Perinatal Mental Health: Is Educating Obstetric Providers Sufficient?

Dr. Maria Muzik's editorial in the Journal of Women’s Health 

Maria Muzik, M.D., M.S., recently published an editorial in the Journal of Women’s Health, entitled Achieving Comprehensive Treatment in Perinatal Mental Health: Is Educating Obstetric Providers Sufficient? 

Dr. Muzik states:

"Women trust their OB providers to provide them with optimal care during pregnancy and after birth, thus making them ideally suited to screen, detect, and treat perinatal mental health problems. However, many OB providers feel that they lack the training, knowledge and skill set to treat perinatal mental health conditions alone. And here, MC3 Perinatal can help.
We are a same-day, freely available perinatal psychiatry phone consult service for all OB providers across Michigan, and we help OBs with diagnostic questions, therapy resources and referrals, and questions about safe and effective psychotropic medicines in pregnancy or while breastfeeding. And in select counties in south-east Michigan, we also offer prenatal clinics an integration with an app-based self-screening for moms and connect moms to instant free-of-charge remote counseling with our Michigan Medicine MC3 Perinatal therapists."

What is MC3?

The MC3 program offers psychiatry support to primary care providers in Michigan who are managing patients with behavioral health problems. This includes children, adolescents, young adults through age 26, and women who are contemplating pregnancy, pregnant or postpartum (up to one year). Psychiatrists are available through same-day phone consultations to offer guidance on:

  • diagnostic questions
  • medication recommendations
  • appropriate psychotherapy

Local MC3 Behavioral Health Consultants are also available to provide recommendations for local resources.

Find out more about the MC3 program on its website

 More about MC3 Perinatal: 

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