Kelsey Gaylor, M.D.

Class of 2026


I chose University of Michigan for residency for a variety of personal and professional reasons. 

At this institution, I knew I would get excellent training and interaction with psychiatrists who helped shape their field. I wanted a residency climate that would promote learning both inside and outside of the hospital, which also included opportunities for professional growth in subjects like advocacy, and women’s and children’s mental health. Additionally, I was attracted to the warm and genuine climate created by the residents, faculty, and ancillary staff. I felt that this was a climate I could thrive in because I knew I would be well supported. I have found all of this to be true, and I am so happy to be here. 

On a more personal note, I love all that Ann Arbor and surrounding areas have to offer. Ann Arbor offers diverse, excellent cuisine and easy access to many outdoor activities! My partner and I love to kayak the Huron river and hike the surrounding trails. Detroit is an easy commute to see concerts and the Detroit lions play. Surrounding communities offer affordable housing where you can have a backyard to grill and for your puppy to play! I really feel that Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities are an incredible place to live, and my partner and I feel so fortunate to be here!


M.D., Wayne State University School of Medicine, 2022