Providence Cancer Institute

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Providence Cancer Institute
Entrance to the Providence Cancer Institute

Clinic Hours: 7am-5pm

Providence Southfield Radiation Oncology department is located in the cancer center next to Providence Hospital on Foster Winter Drive. Convenient parking and easy access to the Radiation Oncology department provides patients with one less concern as they are going through their radiation treatments. There is a sense of family among the staff that translates to all patients. Providence Southfield has Michigan Medicine Physicians providing their expertise in a safety driven and patient centered environment. Patients receiving radiation at Providence Southfield will feel like an active participate in their care with the main focus of providing Michigan Medicine cancer care closer to home.

Providence radiation oncology team
Radiation Oncology Team from L to R: Kristen Smith, RTT; Laura McNew, MD; Cassidy Mrosewske, RTT; John Killian, RTT; Stephanie Lajb, RTT; Paulina Gjurashaj, RTT; Mike Taravella; Sue Adams, RTT; Matt Larlham, CMD; Marina Gross, CMD; Katie Dixon, RTT; Vrinda Narayana, PhD; Peng Wang, PhD; Eyad Abu-Isa, MD; Mike Reno, RTT. 


Faculty Physicians

Eyad Abu-Isa

Eyad Abu-Isa, MD

Associate Professor
Community Practice Medical Director

Faculty Physicists

22301 Foster Winter Dr.
Southfield, MI 48075