January 10, 2019

Zick explains a new evaluation of popular diets for cancer patients and survivors

Surveys have shown that as many as 48 percent of cancer patients turn to diet change during the course of their treatment and remission. A new paper in Oncology evaluates the alignment of popular diets with American Cancer Society and American Institute for Cancer Research’s dietary guidelines. 

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Michigan Health news

Suzanna M. Zick, N.D., M.P.H., research associate professor and clinical expert on integrative medicine in cancer survivorship, recently spoke to Michigan Health news on popular diets--like macrobiotic, plant-based, and Ketogenic--and their alignment with nutritional guidelines set forth by leading cancer research organizations.

“People with cancer often learn about diets from their friends, their family and what’s trendy in pop culture. Then they say, ‘Could this diet help me to cure my cancer or to have a better quality of life on my cancer journey?’” Zick notes.

As a cancer and nutrition researcher, Zick wanted to dig deeper. She partnered with University of California San Francisco’s Donald Abrams, M.D., and U-M’s Detrick Snyder, MPH, to review which popular diets best support a cancer patient’s goals of improving survival and preventing recurrence. Their findings appear in the journal Oncology.

Read the full piece in Michigan Health news and access Zick et al review in Oncology.

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