Giving Opportunities

Supporting Education

Great students inspire faculty and challenge fellow students. They add to the vibrancy of our classrooms, libraries and laboratories.

An accessible education has always been part of the U-M mission. Scholarship support opens the doors to deserving students and eases their debt burden upon graduating. This support can also provide encouragement for students who choose a career in family medicine.

Support for residents can provide unique training opportunities in family medicine through special tracks and electives in such areas as integrative medicine, public health and obstetrics. These experiences will assist in the recruitment of outstanding residents and prepare them for a wide range of careers.

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Investing in Faculty

The caliber of an academic institution rests upon the quality of its faculty, who are the lifeblood of the University of Michigan. Like students, faculty are attracted to those institutions best equipped to help them reach their professional goals and where they are most likely to be associated with the most exciting colleagues and peers. Endowed professorships, as well as gifts that provide support for faculty to conduct research or implement a program, honor our best minds and make the U-M Department of Family Medicine faculty even stronger.

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Supporting Research

Our research goes hand in hand with our teaching, and students benefit from exceptional faculty whose continuous innovation is shared in the classroom and beyond.

Research starts with an innovative idea and ends with improved patient care. Private support to this fund plays a vital role in bringing these ideas to fruition, gathering pilot data and supporting the faculty to explore the validity and merit of these ideas through new grant applications.

Current topics of research interest include: women's health, cancer prevention, exercise promotion, depression, Japanese culture and health, medical decision-making, mental health, complementary and alternative medicine, and health and the hearing impaired. The Department of Family Medicine has research projects in all stages, from an innovative idea to major programs funded by the National Institutes of Health and the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation. 

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Community Outreach

The Department of Family Medicine is committed to being a resource for quality, cost-effective care for families from all cultural and socioeconomic communities. This fund will support exceptional patient care, especially to the under served population. Some of the vital programs supported by this fund include faculty and resident physician services at the Migrant Worker Health Clinic, the Homeless Shelter Clinic, the Hope Clinic, Japanese Family Health Program, Ypsilanti East Middle School Wellness Center, and The Corner Health Center.

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