October 9, 2018

Special issue of the Journal of Mixed Methods Research: Integrating mixed methodologies in migration studies

Several members of the Department of Family Medicine play key leadership roles in the journal, including Co-Editor Michael D. Fetters, Managing Editor Satoko Motohara, Media Editor Timothy Guetterman, and Co-Founding Editor John Creswell.

Journal of Mixed Methods Research
September 2018 issue of the Journal of Mixed Methods Research

In a special issue of the Journal of Mixed Methods Research, researchers from across several disciplines tackle issues of migration using mixed methodology.

Michael D. Fetters, M.D., M.P.H., M.A., professor, and Co-Editor of JMMR, noted, “a real strength of the issue lies in the breadth of research perspectives and techniques for approaching migration research using mixed methods research methodology.”

Immigration has been a key topic in recent U.S. political debate, with a focus on the policies and practices that determine who is admitted into the United States from other countries.    

Fetters believes there is a “need to explore migration not just by looking on one side, the destination. Migration is about a much bigger picture.” The studies in JMMR begin to “illustrate how critical it is to understand the issues occurring in the country of origin as well as the destination country."

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The special issue includes works from the fields of geography and environmental science, sociology, educational policy and leadership, applied linguistics, and community health sciences. The works demonstrate a variety of methodological approaches to understanding transnational migration, ranging from ethnography and ethnosurveys, to social network analysis and organizational assessment.

Several members of the department of family medicine provide leadership in the development of the Journal of Mixed Methods Research, incluing on the Migration issue. Contributors include Satoko Motohara, research project coordinator and JMMR Managing Editor, Media Editor Timothy Guetterman, Ph.D., assistant professor and JMMR Managing Editor;  and John Creswell, Ph.D., adjunct professor and JMMR Co-Founding Editor.

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