May 16, 2017

Research Mentions: Science magazine discusses work by family medicine researchers

A recent article ScienceInsider, an online publication from Science, discusses the merits and appeal of adaptive clinical trials and cites research from Drs. Michael D. Fetters and Dr. Timothy Guetterman

image of science webpage with headline "congress and FDA nominee heap love on 'adaptive trials'"
A recent Science web post cites the ADAPT-IT trial, a project co-led by U-M family medicine researchers 


Officials in the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and in the U.S. Senate are talking about adaptive clinical trials, as a new approach to reviewing new drugs in the U.S. market. Science magazine's Kelly Servick reported on recent exchanges made during the U.S. senate confirmation of new FDA director Scott Gottleib. In his confirmation hearing, Gottleib and several U.S. Senators discuss the merits and potential of adaptive clinical trials. The piece in Science goes on to gauge sentiment towards adaptive trials within the scientific community, and in doing so, the piece cites a new study conducted by Michael D. Fetters, M.D., M.P.H., M.A., professor, and Timothy Guetterman, Ph.D., assistant professor. Their ADAPT-IT trial, published in Trials, was designed to gain an understanding of attitudes towards adaptive trials among "trial community" stakeholders--clinicians, preclinical scientists, and biostatisticians. The study utilized a convergent mixed methods design, integrating survey and focus group data. The trial was a collaboration between U-M Departments of Family Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Neurology, as well as investigators from UCLA and the University of Texas. 

Read the Science article and find the full-text ADAPT-IT trial in BioMed Central.

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