Breast Feeding Support Program

The Breast Feeding Support Program offers specialized occupational and/or physical therapy assistance for both babies and mothers.  Referred babies have previously consulted with both their doctors and a lactation consultant.  They typically exhibit issues such as:
  • poor latch
  • weak or incoordinated suck
  • frequent loss of bolus
  • poor endurance
  • difficulty with bottle feeding in addition to breast feeding
  • associated nipple/breast pain and trauma for mother, due to baby’s maladaptive oral motor patterns  
Occupational therapy can evaluate for any underlying issues of oral motor weakness, incoordination, or oral hypersensitivity (sometimes associated with premature babies or babies who have comorbid respiratory or GI issues).   Strategies for desensitization may also be appropriate.  Physical therapy can provide myofascial release to assist in gaining improved motor patterns and/or range of motion for the oral area.  Additional treatment may include exercises geared toward improved oral motor strength or range of motion.
Please contact us at (734) 936-7070 for further information, or if you have questions regarding Occupational or Physical Therapy services for your baby.
Plugged Milk Duct Support For Mothers

Lactating mothers referred to Occupational/Physical Therapy for a plugged milk duct have previously consulted with their breastfeeding clinic doctor or OB/GYN to rule out active infection or suspicion of anything other than a plugged milk duct.  Plugged milk ducts often:

  • are recurrent in nature
  • last several days
  • do NOT respond to “typical” treatments (hot showers, massage, etc.)
  • are painful for the mother
  • can lead to diminished milk supply, if left untreated
  • can lead to mastitis, if left untreated
  • can interfere with ease and longevity of breastfeeding 
Occupational/Physical therapy utilizes therapeutic ultrasound (deep heat) to break up the plug.  This is then followed by Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD) techniques to restore appropriate fluid flow.  We also teach mothers self-massage and exercise-based stretches to promote maximum breast health and fluid/lymph flow.    Please contact us at (734) 936-7070 for further information.
Click below for a demonstration of breast self-massage exercises to promote fluid flow, especially in the event of engorgement or a plugged milk duct.