Happiness & Resilience Project

Cognitions, Decisions and Behaviors Related to Successful Adjustment among Individuals with SCI: A Qualitative Examination of Military and Nonmilitary Personnel

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Numerous examples exist of individuals who have adjusted to their SCI, found ways to manage their health, and gotten on with their lives. Moreover, for some of these individuals, the injury has been identified as a transformative experience that has provided a reason to change, a sense of purpose, or which served to forge individual strengths and relationships. Advancements in the fields of positive psychology and behavioral medicine can be used to inform our understanding of how individuals with SCI can be happy and productive.

The findings from this project are expected to serve as the foundation for new assessments, policies, programs, or interventions designed to promote health, well-being and successful adjustment. This project will advance the field of SCI research by enhancing understanding of the adjustment process and identifying modifiable factors associated with the process of positive adjustment.

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