Cancer Rehabilitation Research

The University of Michigan Cancer Rehabilitation Program is participating in numerous research projects. Some highlights include:    

Cancer Rehabilitation Metrics Consortium   

The Cancer Rehabilitation Metrics Consortium is a group of 8 clinical sites that collect common data elements regarding patients in a Cancer Rehabilitation Clinic. The Consortium's goals are to perform multi-center trials and generate best-practice models based on their collective experiences.    

The University of Michigan is the coordinating site for the Consortium. Participating sites include:   

  • Case Western Reserve/MetroHealth 
  • MedStar National Rehabilitation Hospital/Georgetown School of Medicine 
  • Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center 
  • The Mayo Clinic 
  • The University of Michigan 
  • The University of Pittsburgh Medical Center 
  • The Shirley Ryan Ability Lab 
  • Swedish Cancer Institute    

Functional Wellness Initiative  

Michigan Medicine's Functional Wellness Initiative is a multidisicplinary program that seeks to enhance recovery and maintain quality of life in patients who undergo treatment for brain tumors. This involves specific surgical interventions to maintain speech and motor function, and assessing patients before and after treatment.   

 Members of the clinic and research team are specialists in Neurosurgery, Rehabilitation Psychology/Neuropsychology, Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and Speech-Language Pathology.    

For more information, please check out the Functional Wellness Initiative's website: is external)    

Breast Cancer Pain and Range of Motion  

Studies are being conducted evaluating the effectiveness of pain-relieving procedures on patients with a history of surgery and/or radiation for the treatment of breast cancer. Evaluations are performed before and after the procedure to assess pain level, range of motion, and muscle activity.   

Inpatient Rehabilitation Outcomes   

Studies are ongoing evaluating the effectiveness of inpatient rehabilitation approaches to patients with different cancer types who require inpatient rehabilitation to ensure a safe discharge home. 

If you're interested in our educational or patient care efforts related to cancer rehabilitation, please visit our devoted pages for those areas:

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