Michigan Mobile Comprehensive Oncology Rehabilitation (MCORE)

Is your patient too weak to be discharged?
Are you worried about patient decline?
Does your patient have increased pain?

They might benefit from more aggressive physical rehabalitiation to help with their mobility and shorten their length of stay.

For inpatient cancer patients needing more aggressive physical rehabilitation, the Department of Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation can now give more intensive therapies through our Mobile Oncology Rehabilitation Program.

- Our goal is to get people more mobile to prevent physical decline
- We want to lower hospital length of stay, reduce the risk of falls, and improve access to rehabilitation services to restore function, improve independence, and reduce pain
- The team consists of a rehabilitation physician (physiatrist), a physical therapist, and an occupational therapist

Please consult with PM&R for further evaluation or talk with a member of the PT/OT team.