Welcome: A Message from Dr. Fink, Chair

Dr. David Fink
David J. Fink, MD, Chair
The brain makes us who we are, largely defining our uniqueness as individuals and as a species. For this reason diseases that attack the nervous system - whether suddenly as in stroke, insidiously as in Alzheimer's disease, or with recurrent attacks as may occur in multiple sclerosis - strike at the core of our being. Imagine being unable to speak, being unable to move your limbs at will, or experiencing difficulty recognizing common surroundings or close relatives.

In the Department of Neurology at the University of Michigan, a dedicated team of academic neurologists pursues the three-part academic mission of clinical care, research and education. Highly skilled physicians with subspecialty expertise in each of the domains of adult neurology provide care to patients with diseases of the nervous system in both hospital and outpatient settings. Many of these physicians direct laboratory or clinical research programs to advance our understanding of neurological disease, and to develop and test new therapies for these diseases.

David J. Fink, M.D.
Robert Brear Professor and Chair