Our collaborations include the American Academy of Neurology and the American Neurological Association. These are the two largest neurology societies. For the AAN, we have participated in the Health Services Research Subcommittee and curated the Innovations in Care Delivery website, which focuses on the latest HSR research. For the ANA, we have led the HSR Scientific Interest Group for multiple years, women in neurology section and serve on the Board of Directors. We also chair the American Heart Association’s Minority Affairs Committee, serve on the Stroke Council and lead the inaugural Stroke Coucil High School program. In addition to collaborations with societies, we have active collaborations with multiple Universities, community organizations, and patient advocacy organizations.

Innovations in care delivery

This American Academy of Neurology website provides blogs on the latest health services research related articles from Neurology. We also curate relevant articles and interview leaders in the field.

American Academy of Neurology Health Services Research Subcommittee

This subcommittee works with the AAN including other committees to answer questions related to neurologists and their patients. Our group has received several contracts to answer questions pertaining to the effects of geographic variation in the density of neurologists, the effect of out-of-pocket costs, and the value of neurologists in the care of patients with headache and epilepsy.

American Neurological Association Health Services Research Scientific Interest Group

Members of our program have chaired this portion of the ANA’s annual meeting, which selects speakers from both leaders in the field as well as based on abstracts submitted to the ANA.

IHPI Collaborating Centers and Programs

Michigan's Institute for Healthcare Policy & Innovation is bringing together health services research and health policy-focused groups across the University of Michigan with it's Collaborating Centers & Programs.